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Additional Resources


Calm App 

LSAC employees and up to 5 dependents can receive the Calm App for free! Calm is the #1 app for mental health and at LSAC we want to provide you and your loved ones resources to improve mental wellbeing.

Explore guided meditations and specialized music playlists to help with stress and focus, mindful movement video and audio, relaxing sleep stories, tailored content for children, wisdom filled masterclasses, and much more! Learn more at 

To redeem your FREE subscription, please use these instructions: 

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Healthy Ways Portal

This platform provides access to nutrition counseling services provided by Registered Dietitians (RDs), along with access to nutrition resources, healthy recipes, and additional information to help you lead an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Meet with a Registered Dietitian today! Create an account using your LSAC email address on the Healthy Ways Member Portal and book an appointment for one-on-one nutrition counseling. 


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